Wine Club



The DOC wine family has your back when it comes to finding natural and hard-to-find wine. Wine often or wine just a little, with the option of receiving 6-packs two or four times per year. Satchels are released in January, April, August and November— each a memento to a season’s riches in family, fervor and hustle.

*One-time bags are available, but aren’t subject to member perks listed below



It’s not just the wine you’ll flip over. Our partnership includes our launch party, seasonal tasting shindigs and educational narratives for each wine. Take home the best of DOC’s carefully curated wines. Our favorites are free of chemicals, harvested by hand, made with native yeasts and contain no additives—genuine in originality. Our wine family receives 10% off bottle-to-go purchases and 15% off pre-ordered case purchases. We will also treat you to a club tasting party 4 times per year with each bag launch. We do request a one-year OR two seasonal bag commitment. Upon receipt of a valid credit card, enjoy immediate discounts. We also ask for a $40 deposit at the time of purchase, which will be applied as credit for your next shipment/bag pick-up of wine prodigies.



$120/bag of six; $40 deposit (towards next season’s supply)


Spring Bag:


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